Don’t Gamble When the Stakes are High

People often discover a legislative body is considering a new law that may badly damage their business; or, cost them a large amount of money.

Many companies, individuals, and advocacy groups believe they can successfully navigate the public policy process on their own; however, they will quickly risk catastrophic failure navigating through a political minefield as they lack the expertise and connections required to accomplish their goals.

Business leaders often incorrectly think that simply expressing their concerns to a government official will solve their problems.  Unfortunately, it’s usually never that simple.

Additionally, legislation and amendments are time-sensitive and can have extremely fast timelines to passage.  In some cases this could be a few months, or only a few weeks.  This makes it imperative to have experts on your team working for you immediately—before it’s too late.

You need experienced lobbyists and advocacy professionals that are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the state legislature, city council and other government agencies in order to get good policies enacted; or, bad laws blocked or repealed.

We’re veterans of many successful policy endeavors.  Let us put that experience to work for you.