Lobbying State and Local Government

Congress gets a lot of political headlines in the media; however, there’s potentially more harmful legislation affecting you moving through your own state and local government. There can also be just as many intricacies and political pitfalls in your state and local government as there are at the federal level.

Most legislation at the local level begins with an idea or a complaint. That idea can be good or bad, and based on either fact or fiction. If nobody on the inside fights back against these ideas or complaints, they soon grow legs and walk their way through legislative bodies, becoming a potentially monstrous and destructive law that jeopardizes your well being.

Problematic also is the fact legislation can move fast and isn’t easily reversed. Most state legislatures only meet annually for a few months.  Some like Texas only meet every other year. This means unless you tackle a potentially catastrophic legislative issue right when it starts it could make your life miserable for a long time.

We aggressively advocate for our clients on issues of concern regarding pending legislation or executive branch rules to members of the legislative and executive branches of state government. As part of our services we establish an effective and beneficial relationship between our clients and state legislators, department secretaries, commissioners—and integral members of their staff. As governmental affairs and lobbying professionals, we detail the issues from our client’s point of view and foster support, change, or opposition to pending legislation and issues before all branches of state and local government.

It’s important that you protect your interests against all potentially harmful legislation. Don’t gamble with the future of your business or the cause you care about. As government affairs specialists we’re ready to help you navigate potentially hazardous political minefields and protect you against disastrous public policies.