Monitoring and Bill Tracking

As the old saying goes, you may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.  If your business or cause isn’t having problems right now that could be because bills are silently passing into law without much fanfare in the media.  It’s a rude wakeup call when you get a serious letter from the government or a knock on your front door from a state official.

We continuously track legislation and monitor the progress of any proposed rules, bills or amendments that could either have a positive or negative outcome for our clients.

As part of our services clients will stay apprised of any pending legislation at all stages of the lawmaking and rule-making process.  Clients will be kept informed of relevant legislation and what the impacts of those changes may be.

Don’t roll the dice and leave your livelihood and the people you care about at risk.  Monitoring and tracking potentially problematic legislation in any jurisdiction is a solution we can implement for our clients.  Washington Public Relations will stay on top of any potentially problematic legislative proposals and executive branch rule-making before it’s too late.