Washington Public Relations offers the support you need. There’s a lot more to government relations and lobbying than lunches with elected officials and directing campaign contributions to supportive legislators.

Some lobbying services your business or organization will likely need include:

  • Monitoring Legislation

WPR protects you by keeping our ear to the ground regarding legislation or new administrative rules that may impact your company or interest group. We use connections and the newest legislative tracking tools to get wind of new laws and analyze them to determine whether they will benefit or negatively impact your interests. It’s also important to keep a watch on new laws and regulations as they go through legislative and administrative processes because what begins as an innocuous or favorable new law or rule can become a detriment to your interests in the blink of an eye.

  • Expert Guidance

WPR provides practical advice and help to clients who are interested in securing government grants or business relationships with government entities. We help businesses and organizations seeking grant funding craft their proposals to fall in line with government requirements and preferences for grantees. With regard to government contracts, we can help you highlight features of your business that might appeal to government priorities.

  • Strategic Communications

WPR goes beyond scheduling a few meetings and making a few presentations. Your company or organization needs a consistent and coherent message for both internal and external use. We work with your organization’s stakeholders to craft a message and deliver it to those who need to hear it—inside and outside your organization.

  • Grassroots Advocacy

There’s a limit to direct campaign contributions you can make and their effectiveness. Lawmakers can also be responsive to input from citizens. An organized grassroots campaign may be comprised of showing up at town hall meetings and public hearings, petitions, and phone calls can all have a big impact on legislative and administrative decisions. A good lobbying firm can help you organize a legion of active and enthusiastic citizens to support your cause via traditional means, as well as new ways of influencing decision-makers.

Lobbying State and Local Government

Washington Public Relations aggressively advocates for our clients on issues of concern regarding pending legislation or executive branch rules.

As government affairs lobbying professionals, we detail the issues from your point of view and foster support, change, or opposition to pending legislation and issues before all branches of state and local government.

We establish an effective and beneficial relationships between our clients and state legislators, department secretaries, commissioners—and integral members of their staff.

Monitoring and Bill Tracking

Washington Public Relations will continuously track legislation and monitor the progress of any proposed rules, bills or amendments that could have either a positive or negative outcome for our clients.

As part of our services clients will stay apprised of any pending legislation at all stages of the legislative and rulemaking process.  Clients will be kept informed of relevant legislation and what the impacts of those changes may be.

State & Local Government Affairs Consulting

After a bill is passed by the state legislature it must be signed by the governor in order to become a law; however, there are many pitfalls awaiting any potential bill before it’s actually signed.

In our role as a consultant we also serve as an objective and credible source of guidance to legislators and the state executive. We provide detailed information and background in order to help elected representatives reach the optimum decision.

After a bill is passed by a legislative body our task is then working with executive branch staff providing counsel on the merits, as well as any potential downsides of a specific piece of legislation.

Grassroots Legislative Action

We can work at all levels of the legislative process in order to bring about successful outcomes.

A successful grassroots action will facilitate constituent groups with common interests (i.e., industry professionals, business owners, employees and others) encouraging and assisting them in contacting lawmakers in a coordinated grassroots effort to affect the outcome of pending legislation.

Expert Advocacy Campaigns

Washington Public Relations are experts at creating short-term and sustained advocacy campaigns, targeting key media members and influencers.

We employ the newest media monitoring and analytics methods that tell our clients where they stand in the current landscape and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Additionally, we apply and manage the many elements of modern campaigns from survey research to targeted online advertising; to tried-and-true old-school methods like drafting op-eds and media outreach.

WPR works closely with our clients to understand their goals and optimize a strategy that works and gets results. Together, we form a game plan to reach those goals and select appropriate, high-impact tactics to deliver your message to the right audiences in the media, on Capitol Hill and the public at large.

WPR then monitors our efforts to triangulate progress and constantly refine the our campaigns.

Crisis Communications

During a crisis seconds matter. Washington Public Relations will collaborate closely with our clients to assess the situation and form a quick-reaction game plan with appropriate tactics to regain control of the narrative. WPR can deliver the following:
• Make sure our client’s view is heard in traditional media, on television and in social media.
• Assist or directly control a client’s social media presence to counter and calm misinformation and rumor mills that can run wild during a communications vacuum.
• With experience on all sides of a media crises, we advise clients when or when not to engage with the media – and to what extent.
• Even before a potential crisis happens, WPR can help you design and implement a crisis communications plan that can immediately be executed when bad news hits. Depending on the client’s preference, WPR can take either a public or private role during these stressful and critical moments.

Digital Strategies

No modern campaign is complete without a digital component.  WPR offers you full service, from websites to social media campaigns as digital communications advocacy firm.  We are capable of producing every variation of high quality online and social media content; from professionally produced HD videos and photography, to email newsletters, informational graphics, and even podcasts.  WPR can directly target the appropriate audiences you will need to hear your message at the crucial time it’s needed most.

WPR can create sharp online ads and alter them in real-time, depending on who’s clicking.  Along the way, we stay apprised of results with precise metrics.  WPR eliminates the smoke-and-mirrors guessing game over who your audience is and how many people actually see your important message.

WPR operates a robust online and social media practice. From website and social media page development, to everyday operations, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results and transforming our clients into a success online.

  • Advise clients earned and sponsored online media
  • Conduct online petition drives
  • Craft online messages that resonate with your critical audiences
  • Create and manage paid media campaigns
  • Design and maintain eye-catching websites
  • Execute campaigns that get Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and YouTube views
  • Fashion professionally curated content
  • Improve your search results through search engine optimization
  • Provide detailed analytics

Media Strategy

Traditional media still carries weight with policymakers and influencers. We know how to craft op-eds that will get noticed. This process includes working closely with clients to locate advocates who create op-eds that have an impact.

Of course, before a client even starts any type of media campaign or talks to a reporter they need to be prepared. We can work with clients to prepare and guide them through a harsh media spotlight.

Message Development Strategy

We analyze each client situation differently to devise and what their short and long-term goals messaging should be.

Additionally we help our clients develop communications strategies and tactics to deliver their messages to a targeted audience with precision to achieve the results our clients need.

This process starts with research and analysis. We create a baseline evaluation of your message and its persuasiveness. Once your message is refined, we can employ many different methods to reach your target audiences.


Few interests undertake a single issue campaign alone. Locating allies and working with them in an organized manner is central to outcomes in influencing legislation and regulation.

Government moves when large numbers of people combine to make the case together. We understand this well and have developed an expertise in coalition building; leading these communications efforts between companies or advocacy organizations.

These efforts require clear communications between groups. A formal or ad hoc coalition can be a model of effective policy making. But your organization needs a steady hand when navigating these rough waters. Our PR and lobbying team is no stranger to these battles. Washington Public Relations can guide your legislative coalition in the right direction, on the path to victory and beyond.

Our Public Relations Philosophy

Whether you’re a global brand or a local one, sometimes a problem is just about a law or new public policy; however, sometimes it’s all about the politics of the matter.

A business or organization’s brand and public policy outcomes have never been in more of a critical spotlight when you factor in expanding social media platforms and a vast 24/7 news cycle.

In an increasingly hostile environment, businesses will fail if they rely on stale economic data or cliché business language to explain their actions and motives.

To convince the public in the current environment, a business must make the their case passionately with a compelling and heartfelt narrative.

Having navigated this environment successfully we’re prepared to guide your organization through this rocky and unpredictable terrain.

A customized, authentic, and tested methodology that frames your story on your terms will help you traverse a challenging media landscape.

A deliberately specialized and genuine approach will frame your foundational message and responses to any questions or problems that arise; placing you confidently in control of a challenging and rapidly changing media world.

Our core strategic communications capabilities include:

  • Coalition Building
  • Crisis Management
  • Digital and Social Media Campaigns
  • Grassroots
  • Issue Management
  • Media and Press Relations
  • Paid Media
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Corporate Communications