Why You Need Representation

In 2016, companies, interest groups, and others exerting their influence spent more than $3.12 billion on lobbying, employing more than 11,143 lobbyists to assist in changing the minds of lawmakers and regulatory authorities.

If you’re in a competitive industry or are involved in advocacy on any kind of issue, you can be sure your competition has somebody in your state capitol or U.S. Congress right now making their case – and possibly making your life more difficult.

It’s imperative you have someone looking out for you – but choosing the right firm to represent you is a serious decision. Unfortunately, many lobbying and public relations firms don’t have clearly achievable end-goals because they make it up as they go.

Additionally, many firms are in the business of selling you political snake oil.  They string clients along with “dog and pony show” meetings, name dropping, and confusing insider jargon; all while constantly changing the goalposts without any clear endgame in sight.  This is why we will form clear and concise goals with our clients and a precise timeline for achieving our mission.

We take pride in actually solving your problems and making sure they don’t arise again.  That’s why we layout pathways to success up-front, as well as a game plan to stay on top of any future issues that may arise.